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Did you say emergency?

There is not, strictly speaking, an osteopathic emergency. On the other hand, there may be the appearance of a disorder, a pain which occurs unexpectedly and which results from a so-called functional disorder which, for example, can limit your mobility and prevent you from carrying out your daily tasks with the same dexterity.


It is therefore in no way a medical emergency. Indeed, your vital prognosis is not engaged (*).

Some examples:

A sudden back pain that prevents you from moving, a torticollis that handicaps you in your daily life, pain in the buttocks that extends into the thigh that makes you limp and many other reasons such as a sprain, pain shoulders or chest, headaches, dizziness, ….

  • sciatica 

  • slight sprain

  • lumbago 

  • torticollis 

  • shoulder pain

  • neuralgia 

  • migraine 

  • significant loss of mobility 

  • pain having a strong impact on daily life (driving, carrying a child, etc.)


In this case, you can make an emergency appointment in our university osteopathic care practice in the "emergency" selection as a reason for consultation and obtain an appointment within 24/48 hours.

(*) If you have symptoms suggesting a medical problem requiring emergency medical care, first contact SOS doctors or the nearest emergency service.

Traitement du cou

How is it going?


The appointment

Appointment booking remains the same: By phone or Doctolib (seecontact)

All you have to do is report on the phone that it is an "osteopathic emergency" (or select this reason for consultation on Doctolib). You can then make an appointment at any time on any of our opening days. We will undertake to take care of you within 2 hours of this appointment time. So it can be the same day!


The price

For an emergency, the price is unique and the same for everyone: 20 euros, unless you have a subscription and in this case, the subscription price will be applied.

Femmes enceintes


For reasons of quality of care or regulations, we will not be able to cover certain reasons for urgent consultation; These are pregnant women and young children. For them, we will be ready to reorganize our calendars to welcome them in the best conditions by the traditional way of making appointments.

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