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Osteopathy is a system of care based on manipulative techniques, which focuses on the entire body structure (bones, muscles, joints and surrounding functions). Complementary medicine, it is interested not only in the physical symptoms, but also in the lifestyle, the habits and the general state of the patient.

Qu'est ce que l'ostéopathie?




By his specific action on the whole body, the osteopath will be able to recognize and treat the real causes of pain limiting the practice of sporting activity. These include: 

  • to take preventive action ;

  • to deal with certain imbalances ;

  • track ;

  • relieve pain ;

  • improve performance ;

  • to prepare for a test.



Even if the birth took place without any particular problem, it nevertheless remains a test for both the mother and the baby. It is therefore recommended to consult very early in order to make a first assessment which will evaluate the cranial mobility but also the mobility of the pelvis and the thorax.

Here are some examples of situations that can be improved by an osteopath:

  • ENT disorders;

  • Strabismus;

  • If he only turns his head to one side;

  • Difficulty suckling;

  • Sleeping troubles ;

  • Digestion disorders such as regurgitation;

  • Repeated crying.

NB: The care of infants under 6 months is subject to the presentation of a certificate of non-contraindication to osteopathy. This document should be requested from your doctor or pediatrician. Without this certificate, we will unfortunately not take care of your infant.

Femmes enceintes

Pregnant women

Pregnant women undergo significant physical transformations, sources of many functional disorders.

The back is probably one of the most stressed parts of the body during pregnancy. With forward tilting of the pelvis, young mothers do not always know how to relieve the pain that appears, but also that which they had before pregnancy.


Les seniors devraient consulter un ostéopathe car ils subissent des changements naturels qui affectent leur santé physique, comme des douleurs articulaires et des raideurs. Les ostéopathes peuvent aider à soulager ces douleurs et à restaurer l'équilibre naturel du corps.


For everyone

Its field of application is very vast. Osteopathy can take care of vertebral problems as well as problems of migraines, depression, children, etc... The Osteopath works more and more in close relation with the established medical body. It usually takes three sessions to achieve a lasting result.
Osteopathy can bring relief:

  • Joint pain, lower back pain, neck pain, sprains, tendonitis.

  • Digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gastric acidity, hepatobiliary).

  • Following trauma, shock, accidents of various kinds.

  • In the accompaniment of early childhood (regurgitation, colic, nervousness, sleep disorders, etc.).

  • For asthma, dizziness, migraines, buzzing, ear infections, sinusitis and chronic bronchitis.

  • Depressive states, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity.

  • Circulation disorders, heavy legs, hemorrhoids.

In addition, it should be known that osteopathy, as a preventive measure, provides answers to athletes, children, the elderly, etc. in their quest for daily balance.

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